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You can read our other newsletters and decide to unsubscribe at any point by changing your email preferences. Make a plan for how you will present the media (whatever you choose to do make sure you don’t read off PowerPoint slide). Practice your being on stage (but be aware that your story is more important than where you appear or whether you’re a bit anxious). Make a plan for your speech (decide whether you want to learn your speech word-for-word or create bullet points to practice it over and over).

If you don’t know the previous year’s AGI or have an original copy of your previous year’s tax return, you can get this information by logging into your account online. This is the most efficient and fastest way to check your prior year’s adjusted gross income and access your tax documents.

However, there are some options you can take to protect the data. Anyone can invite others to join an FaceTime call, including those who don’t own the Apple device.

Spread an onion on top of its cut-ends, then slice thinly perpendicularly the root’s end to form half moons. They will become silky strands. However, you can also chop onions. Whatever you choose to cook, just be aware that the size of the onion is going to determine the time to cook. It is no longer necessary to use an external email client using your iPhone to plan messages to send when you’d like. Apple integrated the scheduling feature into its Mail application and it can be used with any email program you’re using, be it iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or another service. With Apple’s latest accessibility features that allows you to receive live transcripts of whatever that you’re listening to within your iPhone. Real-time captions can be used for video calls, phone calls, conferences Music, FaceTime streaming media, podcasts movies, games and much more. You can even get it for the person sitting in front of you speaking.

Check Your Surroundings for Scans using Google Maps Live View to calibrate your location

It’s easy to wash your hands and is one of the most effective methods to stop the spread of germs. Clean hands can help stop germs from spreading from one person to another and in our communities–including your home, workplace, schools, and childcare facilities.

If you had used IRS Free File last year then you’ll get an email sent by the company that you had used to welcome the return of their IRS Free File services. The email should include an link to the IRS Free File site and describe how to file it. If you select this email link and are eligible you won’t be charged for the preparation or the e-filing of your Federal tax returns. If you’re renewing your passport card, we’ll mail it to you by first Class Mail. We do not offer the 1-2-day delivery service for passport-only applications. Another major obstacle for new presenters is anxiety, both in advance of their presentation and when they’re on stage.

Use Live Captions on Your iPhone for Real-Time Transcriptions of Any Audio — Calls, Videos, Podcasts, and More

Learn to make use of FaceTime to make audio and video calls using the iPhone and iPad. I’d like to do it another time with an alternative email address. You don’t need to rehearse to determine the length of your talk running. Make sure you take a lot of time to describe what you’re talking about. In an TED Talk about the intelligence of crows, for example the scientist presented an image of a crow bent the hook to take an item of food from a tube, essentially making the concept of a tool.

For a bank with an online account that’s suitable for you, go to the FDIC website. For veterans, look for ways to benefit from the Veterans Benefits Bank Program .

Use Incognito Mode in Google Maps to Keep Your Search & Location History Private

Tips on how to get the most out of all the technology in your daily life including phones and smart home devices to internet security. “A vaccine that is delayed is typically an unvaccinated vaccine,” Schaffner says. “You must have the discipline to ensure that you are vaccinations.” The best Bluetooth Speakers for 2022Finding the ideal Bluetooth device can prove quite overwhelming because of the sheer number of options available.

It is important to be able to complete yourself a tax return, using instructions on the form and IRS publications when needed. The IRS offers a no-cost option to taxpayers with a income that exceeds $73,000. Apple’s latest iOS 16 software update is finally here with more than 350 improvements and new features that you can enjoy using your iPhone. There are some major improvements to the lock screen as well as the home screen enhancements, a nice surprise for users of the Contacts app, as well as a plethora of updates to Safari Mail, Messages and many more. If a presentation fails usually due to the speaker’s failure to formulate it in a proper way, failed to gauge the interest level of the audience or failed to present a compelling story. Even if the subject is significant, a rambling rant without a narrative is usually disappointing.


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